Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I didn't quite manage to get the kitchen done for Christmas but it was done for the New Year. When I moved in it was serviceable just very bland and, after blowing the budget a little bit on the bathroom, I decided that it was going to have to do for a couple of years at least.

I struggled to decide what colours to use to go with the terracotta and wood. It just didn't really inspire me. So I decided that painting the tiles and cupboards was the best option. I do like the finished look but I've found the cupboard paint is easy to chip so hope it stays looking good.

Luckily the worktop in the utility room was the same as the kitchen so I could bridge the gap over the fridge. And there were plenty of tiles to fill the gaps with although I think my tiling skills need a bit of work. With the addition of some pine shelves to bridge the gap between the cupboards and a small bookshelf I had my blank canvas to finally got the kitchen I wanted.

I think the problem with the terracotta was this is what I had in my head and just couldn't move past it.

There is a weird stop tap for the bathroom right in the middle of the wall. To try to disguise this I have used an Ikea rail to hang utensils on the wall around it. I have also used magnetic blackboard paint to turn the door into a noticeboard. It wont hold heavy magnets but its good for magnetic poetry.