Friday, 30 June 2017

The Garden part 2

Wow I haven't been here for a while. Things have had to slow right down because of my health but I am still slowly plodding on. Just as a quick recap the garden looked like this when I started:

Which is nice and had a certain shabby charm but what I really wanted was for it to look like this:
Which is probably a little ambitious for a back yard in Liverpool but its worth a try. The first step was getting the rendering fixed so I had a lovely blank canvas.

The next stage was adding some colour. Because I wanted that Moroccan feeling it had to be some lovely bright blue and terracotta.

The blue is Valspar Turkish Tile. Is not quite Majorelle Blue but pretty close. Even the shed is blue:

I then added a water feature. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted but in the end I found a water feature that fit perfectly in the centre section of the raised bed.
After some planting its starting to look pretty good. The only thing I'm not doing at the moment is the paving because I cant quite make up my mind and want to enjoy the garden for the summer then next year I'll get it paved.