Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I didn't quite manage to get the kitchen done for Christmas but it was done for the New Year. When I moved in it was serviceable just very bland and, after blowing the budget a little bit on the bathroom, I decided that it was going to have to do for a couple of years at least.

I struggled to decide what colours to use to go with the terracotta and wood. It just didn't really inspire me. So I decided that painting the tiles and cupboards was the best option. I do like the finished look but I've found the cupboard paint is easy to chip so hope it stays looking good.

Luckily the worktop in the utility room was the same as the kitchen so I could bridge the gap over the fridge. And there were plenty of tiles to fill the gaps with although I think my tiling skills need a bit of work. With the addition of some pine shelves to bridge the gap between the cupboards and a small bookshelf I had my blank canvas to finally got the kitchen I wanted.

I think the problem with the terracotta was this is what I had in my head and just couldn't move past it.

There is a weird stop tap for the bathroom right in the middle of the wall. To try to disguise this I have used an Ikea rail to hang utensils on the wall around it. I have also used magnetic blackboard paint to turn the door into a noticeboard. It wont hold heavy magnets but its good for magnetic poetry.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Dining room

So its taken a while sadly ill health has slowed me right down with the home improvements. But the dining room is at least done now.

\It look amazing with the new french doors and its going to be lovely in summer when I can open it up. As you can see I decided on a nice bright teal. The floor is just boarded and painted for now because I want to do the same flooring through into the kitchen when I eventually get round to getting a new one.

To give it a bit of Moroccan look I've stencilled the area above the picture rail and layered long curtains.

This sideboard has to be the most epic bit of flat pack I've ever done it took about 3hrs to put together. But finished its a really nice piece of furniture.

Now I'm trying to get the kitchen finished but I am struggling especially on the run up to Christmas. Most weekends are busy and if I do get a free day I'm having to rest. I have just a little bit more to do then I am done but I dont think its going to be done before Christmas.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Room 7 Dining room and kitchen

The last big project room I'm going to do is the dining room. I've decided that the kitchen is just going to get a lick of paint and a few minor fix ups for now. I dont really know what I want in there so just want something livable while I make up my mind.

The kitchen and dining room when I moved in

But this does leave me with a problem of what to do with the dining room floor. I'd like to have the floor the same all the way through. The current laminate will have to come up so I will probably just have to leave the dining room with exposed floorboards until the kitchen is done. I just hope the floorboards are ok or I might be using my friends suggestion of getting some cheap lino to cover them for now.

The biggest job is I want some french doors to the garden here:

Of course thats where the radiator is so I'm going to have to get that moved (which is why the laminate has to go). Then of course it will all need re-plastering. I want to keep the picture rail and coving in place.

The feel I want in the room is Moroccan. And would love to get a big lamp for the center of the room.

This one might be a little on the large side but I just love the design. And I am going to decorate the archway between the two rooms with this pattern

I keep changing my mind between having the room teal or purple but definitely nice and bright.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The garden

Now its spring I'm itching to get on with the garden. I know I need to wait until the inside of the house is done but that doesnt stop me planning. Most of my plants moved with me from the flat. Some have survived the move and some haven't.

The garden was in need of tidying but it quickly proved popular with the cats. Mostly because its a total sun trap. So I immediately decided I wanted some French doors to open up the dinning room into the garden.

With just a little tidying the garden is already looking quite good.

But this is my inspiration:

Me at the Jardin Majorrell
I completely fell in love with this little paradise in Marrakesh. I'm not quite expecting to get it looking like there. But this is probably slightly more achievable.

moroccan style courtyard garden:

The plan is to use red quarry tiles on the floor and get the walls rendered. Then either tile the raised bed with mosaic tiles or paint it to match the wall. I really want at least one of the walls blue but the hardest bit will be finding masonry paint in the kind of blues you find in Morocco. So I will have to get it mixed specially or pop into a DIY store while I'm over in Morocco in September. The walls I dont do blue will either be terracotta.

I've decided I want to get rid of the raised area to give me a bit more floor space. I'm also thinking about extending the raised bed in an L shape so there is a section along the back wall up to the gate.I want some trellis along the top of the shorter sections of walls as it just feels a bit more private without blocking the light.. However the cats keep jumping on it and pulling it down so I might have to reconsider it.

My mum has given me a garden bench. Which is lovely but just a little bit too big to fit comfortable anywhere.

So I think I'm going to have to make it a little smaller. If I cut the planks down to about the size of the cushion there are a few options of where the bench can go and it should still seat two easily.

Room 6 the Bedroom

This is a fairly straight forward room. I have been having a lot of fun demolishing things. This was my bedroom when I first moved in.

That old cupboard in the corner was lovely but it wasnt big enough to be used as a wardrobe and restricted what I could do with that corner. So it had to go. The plaster around it was so soft most of that wall and a large chunk of the plaster on the chimney breast came with it. After this I think I got a bit demolition happy and decided to open the fireplace. I had been thinking of doing this  but wasnt sure if this was just too much work as it was properly bricked up instead of just being boarded over. This was a messy job.

But the result was very satisfying.

I was sad to see they had removed the support. I think this was probably an arch given the age of the property so they will have removed it to make it square. Dont worry the chimney is not about to collapse its very well built. You can see the bricks that probably came down when they removed the arch and how little that effected the rest of it.  It needed the brickwork repairing on one side and a lintel installed to support those dodgy looking bricks.

I got a nice surprise under the brickwork.

I have kept these and I did origonally think about using them in the hearth but I nned to work out exactly how. I have got some black glazed subway tiles for most of it but maybe I will use them directly under the fire.

Looking for something to fill the hole I did get a little carried away and ended up spending more than I planned but it was just so pretty:

Now when it comes to fitting the fire for use as a solid fuel fire things get complicated. It is possible to do it yourself but its recommended you get a HETAS certified fitter to do it. Also there are restrictions to what fuel I can actually use in this area. So I decided against going for solid fuel. Instead I have found a bio ethanol burner that will fit inside the grate and will disguise this with some decorative coals.  This site has a guide to fitting a decorative fire which is basically just a case of filling in behind the fireplace. With the fireplace fitted I just needed to get everywhere re-plastered.

I wanted it purple but as my bedding and curtains were purple didnt want to overdo things. So kept the purple on the walls to the wall behind the bed and the chimney breast.

The room looks a little bit empty still as I dont have any wardrobes ect in there and no pictures up. But I'm sure that will change in time.

I put a spell on You

Improvised Oriental dance with a Saidi flavor.  I love this dress so much.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Room 5: The Bathroom

woohoo its finished. So just to remind you I mostly wanted a bit more space but as well the old suite was starting to look a little tatty. This is before with a big chunk of the bathroom taken up by the old boiler cupboard (and a chimney). So everything was crushed into a very small space.

I totally fell for this lovely bath thats meant I could have a free standing bath in my little bathroom. It was hard to find room to fit the sink and I was worried it would look a little crammed in this corner but it looks good. I think the openness really helps make the room look bigger. Also these tiles are lovely, they dont photograph very well but are very pretty in real life. And the shower is pure bliss

Although it would have looked nice all tiled I wanted two walls only partly tiled so I could add some colour. This teal is just beautiful with my purple towels and accessories. The radiator also has an electric element so I can use it when I dont need the heating on. They made a mistake and put the electrical connection too far away so had to come back and sort that out.

Hat two small problems with the blinds first the brackets were missing but I emailed the company and they sent them out straight away. Also made the fatal mistake of measuring before the work was done so they were slightly too long. I've had to shorten them but didnt have any suitable glue so have had to improvise for a while.

It has seemed to take forever but finally I have a really gorgeous bathroom.