Friday, 17 June 2016

Room 7 Dining room and kitchen

The last big project room I'm going to do is the dining room. I've decided that the kitchen is just going to get a lick of paint and a few minor fix ups for now. I dont really know what I want in there so just want something livable while I make up my mind.

The kitchen and dining room when I moved in

But this does leave me with a problem of what to do with the dining room floor. I'd like to have the floor the same all the way through. The current laminate will have to come up so I will probably just have to leave the dining room with exposed floorboards until the kitchen is done. I just hope the floorboards are ok or I might be using my friends suggestion of getting some cheap lino to cover them for now.

The biggest job is I want some french doors to the garden here:

Of course thats where the radiator is so I'm going to have to get that moved (which is why the laminate has to go). Then of course it will all need re-plastering. I want to keep the picture rail and coving in place.

The feel I want in the room is Moroccan. And would love to get a big lamp for the center of the room.

This one might be a little on the large side but I just love the design. And I am going to decorate the archway between the two rooms with this pattern

I keep changing my mind between having the room teal or purple but definitely nice and bright.