Thursday, 24 March 2016

The garden

Now its spring I'm itching to get on with the garden. I know I need to wait until the inside of the house is done but that doesnt stop me planning. Most of my plants moved with me from the flat. Some have survived the move and some haven't.

The garden was in need of tidying but it quickly proved popular with the cats. Mostly because its a total sun trap. So I immediately decided I wanted some French doors to open up the dinning room into the garden.

With just a little tidying the garden is already looking quite good.

But this is my inspiration:

Me at the Jardin Majorrell
I completely fell in love with this little paradise in Marrakesh. I'm not quite expecting to get it looking like there. But this is probably slightly more achievable.

moroccan style courtyard garden:

The plan is to use red quarry tiles on the floor and get the walls rendered. Then either tile the raised bed with mosaic tiles or paint it to match the wall. I really want at least one of the walls blue but the hardest bit will be finding masonry paint in the kind of blues you find in Morocco. So I will have to get it mixed specially or pop into a DIY store while I'm over in Morocco in September. The walls I dont do blue will either be terracotta.

I've decided I want to get rid of the raised area to give me a bit more floor space. I'm also thinking about extending the raised bed in an L shape so there is a section along the back wall up to the gate.I want some trellis along the top of the shorter sections of walls as it just feels a bit more private without blocking the light.. However the cats keep jumping on it and pulling it down so I might have to reconsider it.

My mum has given me a garden bench. Which is lovely but just a little bit too big to fit comfortable anywhere.

So I think I'm going to have to make it a little smaller. If I cut the planks down to about the size of the cushion there are a few options of where the bench can go and it should still seat two easily.