Thursday, 24 March 2016

Room 6 the Bedroom

This is a fairly straight forward room. I have been having a lot of fun demolishing things. This was my bedroom when I first moved in.

That old cupboard in the corner was lovely but it wasnt big enough to be used as a wardrobe and restricted what I could do with that corner. So it had to go. The plaster around it was so soft most of that wall and a large chunk of the plaster on the chimney breast came with it. After this I think I got a bit demolition happy and decided to open the fireplace. I had been thinking of doing this  but wasnt sure if this was just too much work as it was properly bricked up instead of just being boarded over. This was a messy job.

But the result was very satisfying.

I was sad to see they had removed the support. I think this was probably an arch given the age of the property so they will have removed it to make it square. Dont worry the chimney is not about to collapse its very well built. You can see the bricks that probably came down when they removed the arch and how little that effected the rest of it.  It needed the brickwork repairing on one side and a lintel installed to support those dodgy looking bricks.

I got a nice surprise under the brickwork.

I have kept these and I did origonally think about using them in the hearth but I nned to work out exactly how. I have got some black glazed subway tiles for most of it but maybe I will use them directly under the fire.

Looking for something to fill the hole I did get a little carried away and ended up spending more than I planned but it was just so pretty:

Now when it comes to fitting the fire for use as a solid fuel fire things get complicated. It is possible to do it yourself but its recommended you get a HETAS certified fitter to do it. Also there are restrictions to what fuel I can actually use in this area. So I decided against going for solid fuel. Instead I have found a bio ethanol burner that will fit inside the grate and will disguise this with some decorative coals.  This site has a guide to fitting a decorative fire which is basically just a case of filling in behind the fireplace. With the fireplace fitted I just needed to get everywhere re-plastered.

I wanted it purple but as my bedding and curtains were purple didnt want to overdo things. So kept the purple on the walls to the wall behind the bed and the chimney breast.

The room looks a little bit empty still as I dont have any wardrobes ect in there and no pictures up. But I'm sure that will change in time.