Thursday, 22 October 2015

Room 1: the dressing room

So obviously I started in the most important room the wardrobe lol. While it has been used as a bedroom in the past this room is tiny so the best use I can think of for it is a dressing room.

Before a very stripy room.
After my purple dressing room
The previous owners decorating choices were interesting to say the least. Very stripy wall paper and a dark green carpet with huge flowers on it did not make this room look good. Then again my colour scheme for the house of purple, teal and grey wont be every ones taste.

I had a bit of a shock when I removed the wall paper. The plaster was just crumbling. So the first job was to replaster. Not a job I wanted to tackle myself so got the professionals in.

The floor boards were in very good condition they just needed some paint splodges removing and a few nailing back down. After a good scrub and some varnish they looked pretty good.

I looked at lots of options for the wardrobe but in the end settled on this as it was relativity inexpensive. I've filled these shelves with storage cubes to put bulky clothes like jumpers in. I've also added an Ikea Billy bookcase to provide shelf storage for important things like jewelry, bags and make up.

I decided to reuse my old Ikea chest of draws. It was starting to look a bit battered and some draws were falling apart. Also the dark pine didnt really fit in well. So a make over was in order. But a bit of strengthening of draws and a lick of furniture paint and it looks great.
Then the most important part of a dressing room the dressing table. I decided on a lovely grey dressing table which fit in with the colours for the house perfectly. The thing I most wanted was a mirror that had enough light for putting on make up. The one I found is great with LEDs down both sides.

 So thats my super glam dressing room all done.