Thursday, 22 October 2015

Room 2: The utility room

Probably the most boring room and not one I was planning on tackling just yet. However my mum provided me with some free shelving that she has removed form her new flat. It was kicking around so I decided the best thing was to just decorate the room and put it up since it was just a quick job.


I decided to keep it to a very simple grey colour scheme. I needed to change the worktop as I need to use it to replace a section in the kitchen. So a I put a cheap length of white worktop in to replace it. Then used some white tiles that were in the loft to do the window sill and a small splashback to cover the fact the thinner worktop meant a gap in the plaster. I added as much of the shelving as I can fit and also found some class shelves in the loft which I have put in the window to act as a mini greenhouse.

Then the most important feature the cat door. I need to be able to shut the door but also have the cats free to come and go from the utility as thats where their litter, cat flap and now food and water are kept. I found these cat holes online. I did think about just making a do it yourself version but these were so good. So my cat hole came all the way from America and the cats love it.

Very Important Cat entrance.
A very dull but important room done. The only problem is somehow when I moved the dryer something has gone wrong with the heating element and its not heating up properly luckily I've fund some tutorials on espares and it looks like its an easy fix.