Friday, 17 August 2018

Doctor believes patient shocker!!

Had an interesting experience today. For the last three years I have been struggling to get any help at all for ME (even the CFS clinic when I finally got there wasn't particularly useful). However since being ill I have put on lots of weight and am having lots of problems with my asthma so was referred to the weight loss clinic by the nurse.

Today I had my first appointment and it was very positive with the doctor actually listening to why I'm struggling to control my weight. I came away with referrals to dietitians, physiotherapy, sleep clinic and an OT assessment. But mostly a profound sense of shock at a doctor actually taking me seriously.

It just makes you wonder how much the prognosis of CFS/ME would change if patients were given access to the same kind of resources that are provided for some other health conditions. Although it does worry me slightly that any improvement will be put down to me loosing weight rather than the fact I may have got access to the help I needed through the weight loss clinic.

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