Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Room 5: The bathroom

My bathroom was really cramped mostly thanks to an old boiler cupboard that takes up a huge chunk of the room. Apart from that it was OK but things were starting to fall apart.

I have enough in my budget to either replace the bathroom or the kitchen and I decided that the bathroom was higher priority. As its small I need to have a shower over the bath as I couldn't fit a separate cubicle in. At first I was thinking I would go for a shower bath like this:

And then I would get a pretty boring but practical toilet and sink. All nice but a bit dull. It wasnt really inspiring me when what I really wanted was more like this:

But that changed when I found a roll top bath that would actually fit in my bathroom. I changed to a much nicer and more fitting Victorian style bathroom.
really bad photo of the computer generated design

Selecting the tiles was a bit of a headache. I wanted something a bit like this but grey (as I find the white tiles too clinical):

Sadly it was a bit too expensive (and I'd already blown the budget on the bath). Thankfully I found a
bit of compromise. These damask tiles are really pretty and delicate. They are my feature wall behind the bath with the plain grey version on the floor and the other walls partially tiled with the plain grey. I wanted some walls only partially tiled so I could add some color with teal paint for the rest of the wall. Keeping my purple towels and accessories it should look very luxurious.

Just as I got the date for fitting my shower decided to break. It wasnt worth fixing it properly but I managed to get it working enough for the few weeks it will have to limp on.