Monday, 25 January 2016


So despite a promising start I slipped backwards again and my weight loss stalled completely. Mostly due to getting a chest infection and feeling rubbish so eating rubbish. I am going to Cairo in April and really want to be comfortably in my size 12 clothes by then (which means loosing 2 stone in 3 months which is a bit of a push). Mostly because we will be doing some shopping for dance clothes while we are there and I want to get them at a size I am comfortable.
I decided to try a week on a meal replacement diet. I know all the reasons against doing these but doing it the sensible way just isnt working for me at the moment. When I have done these diets in the past they have made me feel ill so I am just trying for a week at the moment. But so far this week I've felt ok. What I'm hoping is one week on the milkshakes then I'll go back to healthy eating with a bit more motivation. As a bit of a back up I'm also going to try these appetite reducer pills. They partially fill your stomach so you feel full and eat less. See how this goes for the first few weeks in February but if I cant stick at it I might need to go on the milkshake diet for a moth or so to shift the weight.