Thursday, 21 January 2016

Decisions decisions - The hallway

No progress on the bathroom yet still waiting for a quote on the chimney being removed. In the meantime I'm trying to make a decision on the hallway.
the hallway when I moved in

It currently has quite nice wallpaper up and its even the right colour. My idea is to do all the woodwork grey and then the bottom half of the wall either purple or grey. The only problem is some parts of the wall paper are damaged or dirty.

I have little bit of wallpaper for patching its only a small piece but I have managed to get the right bits of pattern for the damaged areas. There was a mark on the wall that looked like crayon which I have removed with white spirit. And then down the stairs there are dirty patches where it gets knocked regularly. I have managed to improve these by washing with a damp cloth and sugar soap but they can still be seen. Then there are smaller bits of damage from things like picture hangings and just being knocked. Some of this I have covered by hanging pictures or mirrors but it means I HAVE to hang something in that spot. The  main problem with removing the wallpaper is that at one point the hall is nearly four meters high and I dont know what the plaster will be like underneath. Taking it off could be a complete disaster.

The stairs I have just about decided on. They are going to have a stair runner. I like the idea of this stripy one but I might go for a plain grey. Then what I do with the stairs themselves depends on what I find when I lift the carpet. I like the idea of exposed wood on the treads and then painting the risers grey. However I think it might end up being all painted grey otherwise I suspect I'll spend a lot of time paint stripping.

At the moment I'm leaning towards painting the hallway. I would do dark grey on the top half of the walls and purple on the bottom and have the stripy carpet. But I am still going to try patching and cleaning the wallpaper to see if I can learn to ignore the problems with it.