Friday, 4 March 2016

Room 5: The Bathroom

woohoo its finished. So just to remind you I mostly wanted a bit more space but as well the old suite was starting to look a little tatty. This is before with a big chunk of the bathroom taken up by the old boiler cupboard (and a chimney). So everything was crushed into a very small space.

I totally fell for this lovely bath thats meant I could have a free standing bath in my little bathroom. It was hard to find room to fit the sink and I was worried it would look a little crammed in this corner but it looks good. I think the openness really helps make the room look bigger. Also these tiles are lovely, they dont photograph very well but are very pretty in real life. And the shower is pure bliss

Although it would have looked nice all tiled I wanted two walls only partly tiled so I could add some colour. This teal is just beautiful with my purple towels and accessories. The radiator also has an electric element so I can use it when I dont need the heating on. They made a mistake and put the electrical connection too far away so had to come back and sort that out.

Hat two small problems with the blinds first the brackets were missing but I emailed the company and they sent them out straight away. Also made the fatal mistake of measuring before the work was done so they were slightly too long. I've had to shorten them but didnt have any suitable glue so have had to improvise for a while.

It has seemed to take forever but finally I have a really gorgeous bathroom.