Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Room 4: The living room

I decided that I would get this room done for Christmas as it was the room needing least attention.

The fire place was lovely and could just be left and for once the plaster is in good condition. I did debate whether to remove the laminate flooring as its a bit scratched in places. But I decided that with a rug and furniture it wouldn't be noticeable.

I want this room to feel really luxurious and comfy. The color scheme I decided on was teal and mauve. First I found this really lovely fluffy rug and beautiful (and expensive) curtains. The curtains are made to measure from Next and with a big bay window to cover the price was high but I decided this room was worth spending a bit more on.

The next step was finding a sofa. With the shape of the room a sofa and chairs would be the sensible option however I really wanted a huge sofa I could relax on so I went for this corner sofa from Furniture Village. With that ordered I had a deadline to finish the painting.

I am lucky that this room has a lot of the original features intact. Including this lovely ceiling rose. So I had to find a light fitting that suited it. I think this silver one from Homebase works perfectly.

The paint is so dark it was hard to paint with and I had to be careful as everything I touched was stained. However now its on it looks amazing. I was also a little nervous painting the room so dark but the high ceiling means it doesn't feel overwhelming. In the alcoves I have more Ikea bookcases to house my dvds and books and after a bit of searching I managed to find a tv stand to fit the smaller alcove. 

And then it was time to put up some Christmas decorations.